Disney Store Outlet : What I Bought

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I consider myself pretty lucky. I’m not sure how many Disney Outlet stores there are out there. I assume not very many. We live in the Nashville area and are about a 20-minute drive from Opry Mills Mall where, luckily, we have a Disney Outlet Store!!














Typically when I shop Disney Store, I like to find either Disney Parks items or items that are themed after Disney Resorts, Parks, Resturants, Attractions, Food, etc. In the past, this particular store hasn’t had a lot of Disney Parks items but today I’m happy to say there were three full sections of Disney Parks merchandise and a full rack of Disney World and Disneyland clothing! Some of them were even holiday themed, which is unheard-of this time of year.

This is what I got…


















Snow White Socks: I have a kind of secret obsession with socks! My friend and I collect them. We try to best each other by seeing who has the goofiest pair of socks that day. I was really excited to find these! They are navy with red apples. The  Snow White silhouette at the top is an iron on patch. The tag is a Disney Parks tag so that tells me that they spent some time either at Walt Disney World or Disneyland before coming to Nashville. It’s hard to say how much they are at the parks since Disney uses a color coding system to price their merchandise but they Disney Store Outlet originally priced these at $10.99. I bought them for $4.99! Not a bad deal!


















R2D2 Tshirt: I’m a sucker for a cute Disney t-shirt!  Last year I bought a Star Wars shirt with the Star Wars logo on it that is very similar to this one. This R2D2 shirt was marked down to $8.99 but there was a sign that said: “Take an Extra 25% off.” I was expecting to pay around $6 or $7 for it but it rang up $5!!


















Snow White Sketchbook Christmas Ornaments: During the holidays, my tree is decked out in Disney ornaments ONLY!! Ok, I’ll admit, I have one or two Beatles ornament but the rest is Disney! This is a 4 piece set of Snow White Sketchbook ornaments. Included in the set is Snow White, Dopey, Poison Apple, and the chest that’s supposed to hold her heart. This is a Disney Store product. It was originally priced at $19.99. I bought it for $4.99! That’s right, there’s a $5 theme going on today!














Patriotic Themed Mickey Cooler Bag and Picnic Blanket: Now this is a deal I couldn’t pass up. Today is the day before Independence Day. The Disney Store has these really cute patriotic themed cooler bags and picnic blankets. My family and I plan on going to a 4th of July festival tomorrow so we could really use these anyway. Originally the picnic blanket is marked at $29.95. The cooler bag is marked at $24.95. Today they are on sale for 12.99 each but if you buy them together….wait for it…. they will give you both of them for $20!! That’s $10 each! Not too shabby!!

If you’ve got a Disney Store Outlet near you, I highly suggest heading over there and checking out what they’ve got. Especially on holiday weekends like today, they seem to have the best deals! Have a wonder Independence Day!!