How To Get Involved In A Fish Extender Group on Disney Cruise Line

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I’m guessing that if your reading this post that means your going on a Disney Cruise!! I just returned from cruising on the Disney Magic and it was amazing!! It was by far the most relaxing vacation I’ve ever been on.

Throughout the past year, while planning this vacation, I had many friends ask me these questions…

So what is a Fish Extender?

A fish extender is a pocket organizer, usually handmade and customized with favorite characters and names. Some people use hanging shoe caddies or some sort of mail organizer, anything that can be hung from the fish hook that is next to your cabin door. Our families fish extender looks like this.













You can find these custom made on Etsy or you can opt to make one yourself. I found this this tutorial on Pinterest How to make a Fish Extender for a Disney Cruise.

Where do you sign up?

It’s very easy. Head to the Disney Cruise Meets Thread  on DISboards and find your cruise. For me, when I found my cruise I was directed to a private Facebook page just for those who were traveling on the same cruise I was. It was on the Facebook page that I was able to sign up for a Fish Extender group. I had to give the names and ages of everyone in my party and then was put in a group of about 15 other families.

What next??

I believe in total there were about 4 groups of 15 who were participating. Once my group was closed I had a list of 15 families that listed how many people were in their family,their cabin number, names, ages for the kids, allergies, anything that you might need to know about the people you are preparing a gift for. You can provide just one gift per family or individual gifts for each member of that family. You can do it however you want. There aren’t really any rules as far as minimum or maximum dollar amounts you need to spend or what type of gifts you need to bring and you can go deliver them at anytime throughout the course of your cruise. Most of the time the gifts are handmade. I decided to make a single gift for the adults and got things from the dollar section at Target for the kids in my group. Making the decision  on what to make wasn’t easy. If you go on Pinterest and search for Fish Extender Gift Ideas you will be blown away by all the creative options there are. I ended up making these bottle cap refrigerator magnets for the adults.









The things we got in return were amazing. My favorite gift is this Mickey Starbucks tumbler. It’s a lot of fun finding out what people come up with. There are so many creative, talented people out there!!










But the best part of this experience is watching your youngsters and their faces when they find a special present waiting for them at the end of the day. It made our first Disney Cruise even more magical. I highly recommend it!!