Star Wars : The Force Awakens Official Trailer

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Who bought their Star Wars tickets last night!? I did!! Actually, I bought them this morning because Fandango was crazy busy and slow last night. We got them though and now I’m counting down the weeks till we go see it.

So here are some things I’ve been thinking about since I watched the official trailer last night, which is above this article in case you didn’t notice!! Hehe! There has been a lot of new Star Wars merchandise that has come out since the announcement of this movie. Since I’m a mom the things I notice first are the things the kids and I can enjoy together.  So today I found this…..














Star Wars Jello Jigglers!! I haven’t made Jello Jigglers since I was a kid so I’m excited to do this. This is definitely going to jump start our Star Wars count down. You can find these at Walmart or you can order them from Amazon. And then there is just about the coolest toy ever…..

bb-8 droid







It’s a BB-8 Droid that you can control with your smart phone and has voice recognition. You can also record, send and view videos on this little guy. I will post a video on this little robot soon so you can see all that he does. I can’t wait to start playing with him!!